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You’ll always have the outlier types who stop watching because of political posturing, throwback uniforms, London games. But speaking for myself and a number of other folks I know (ages 16–60), we simply aren’t watching as much because:

  • Easy to record, watch later (or, inevitably, not watch at all)
  • Quality of games isn’t as good. I read not long ago that a flood of younger, cheaper players is hurting the quality and I concur.
  • Far too many commercial breaks when you do bother to watch. If an NFL game is a storyline, it’s impossible to maintain because of the incessant interruptions.
  • NFL has become like baseball — the players bounce around so often it’s hard to feel much allegiance for a team. I grew up in love with the Skins and it felt like the core of the Gibbs’ crew was there forever, like they were family.

One other note: if the NFL wants to move past the idiotic end zone celebrations (and equally idiotic penalties for them), why not start the damned play clock as soon as the score is made? The kicking team has to get on the field. So celebrate if you want, but don’t cost your team an offside or too many men on the field.

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