Rex Sorgatz
Nov 1, 2015 · 1 min read

Here is how types of media are tracked in THE LEDGER:

  • POST: Only noteworthy text-driven articles of non-insignificant length (over 4 minutes of read time) are included.
  • VIDEO: This category constitutes narrative motion media of short length (3–15 minutes), typically released online.
  • TV: This category constitutes narrative motion media of modest length (15–60 minutes), typically released in a serialized structure.
  • FILM: This category constitutes narrative motion media of significant length (over 60 minutes). The location of the viewing (home or movie theater) is not considered.
  • MUSIC: Only instances where the whole album or musical experience is consumed are included. “Background listening” and “random playlists” are not considered.
  • PODCAST: Any narrative audio that is dominated by voice, whether scripted or not, is considered. The definition is catholic enough to include various formats (interviews, fiction, news) and deliveries (streaming, downloads, radio airwaves).
  • ART: Only physical exhibits or museums that occupy a significant amount of viewing time (over 1 hour) are included.
  • BOOK: The date listed is when the book was completed or finalized to a satisfying amount, determined at my discretion.
  • NEWSLETTER: If it has elements of narrative or journalism.
  • GAME: The game must reach completion, or near completion.
  • APP: If it’s new and interesting.
  • FOOD: Yeah, food counts. Oh shut up, it’s just restaurants that are new or newly interesting.

Recommended items are in bold.

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