Bohmian Dialogue: The End of Bitcoin’s Civil War

…a moment of increased coherence, where the group is able to move beyond its perceived blocks or limitations…~David Bohm, On Dialogue

The bitcoin community is at war with itself. Part of the community wants to change bitcoin in order to facilitate more transactions per second. Another part of the community is against such change.

The debate seems endless and yet both sides seem to agree the uncertainty is not good for the value of bitcoin and it’s price on the market.

Eric Lombrozo put a call out to the community for those who might be interested in facilitating communication between parties:

David Bohm, a highly regarded quantum physicist once proposed what is a solution to the never ending debate in a paper called On Dialogue.

Bohm gives the philosophy for the protocols that enable a group to move beyond debate and into a higher level of communication.

An essential feature of the dialogue group is that it is able to reveal assumptions.~On Dialogue

The protocols are scientifically founded from extrapolations of Bohm’s work on quantum theory. He was simply ahead of his time.

Some relevant notes from Bohm’s essay here and here.

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