Re-Solving Southern

Southern tries to make a distinction in regard to multiculturalism:

That’s the problem people don't’ actually know what multiculturalism is. In Canada if you ask people they’ll tell you multiculturalism is people with different skin colors coming into canada and the assimilating to the culture. that's’ not what it is. what multiculturalism means is literally multiple cultures in one area.
That doesn’t work.
You can have one culture that plenty of people come to an assimilate to that has the same values that has the same laws.

What she has done is divide an otherwise wholistic observation into two fragmented perspectives. She paints the narrative that you can have EITHER total assimilation OR multiple cultures in the same region that refuse to assimilate etc.:

You cannot have multiple culture working towards the same goals because they’re going to have different needs for the laws of the nations. They are going to have different needs for the schooling.

But of course she is simply cutting out the third and obvious option that is our reality: cultures can both keep their individual identities in somes aspects and then assimilate and share values in other aspects.

This is what leads the news host to point out the fact that reality completely disproves Lauren’s theory:

I know you have only just arrived be we are different cultures living together here in Australia.

And Lauren must then therefore resort to Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt:

Yes and like much of the west that isn’t going to last very long.

Side note: In regard to “the west”, does she think the world is flat?