StopandDecrypt and NirvanaDev Blocked Me For Showing They Were Wrong-After They Tried to Criticize Me

I can’t find the tweets even on a private instance of my browser etc. But I certainly call for them to be presented publicly so if these nefarious players want to say this didn’t happen then they can present the tweets that did.

The people that defend and propagate Bitcoin knowledge are sick. Many of them spend their days attacking other people’s sincere efforts. It’s fine. I’m guilty of a certain aspect of it but there is a nuance that is relevant (not sure I intend to explain it).

Nirvandev came to me to say they have been in the space since (near?) the beginning and that my understanding of the reasoning behind Satoshi’s inflation (supply) schedule is wrong. I immediately accused Nirvanadev of making baseless guesses.

Then this person declared that inflation by definition means an increase in the supply of money.

This is wrong and they continued to debate me on it and continued to berate my intelligence saying I can’t even give a proper counter argument.

I simply replied (loose quote), “You can certainly and obviously increase a money supply and not have inflation.”

That would be a use of the word inflation that shows a perfect counter.

Then StopandDecrypt came into the thread, and like always, tried to pick at me (I never get positive comments from this person). They declared that it is the colloquial definition that inflation means an increase in the supply of money.

There is an idiot in my IRL life that uses this word to do exactly what StopAndDecrypt was trying to do. Look at the definition of colloquial:

(of language) used in ordinary or familiar conversation; not formal or literary.
synonyms:informal, conversational, everyday, nonliterary;

Consider a bitcoiner trying to explain the significance of Bitcoin’s supply. Is the supply inflation because it adds units?

Isn’t it the argument that all fiat is inflationary and therefore bad? Is this use of the word a reference to the increase in units? No it can’t be because Bitcoin has this type of inflation. It is a reference to the purchasing power decreasing.

Here is the wiki for deflation in relation to Bitcoin:

Deflation is a decline in the general price level

You see there are two meaningful and relevant definitions of the word inflation (and many more). You never get to say there is only one definition and you don’t win arguments or make points by trying to invoke the concept of a colloquial definition.

I then went to wiki, and multiple dictionary sources, all of which describe inflation as:

In economics, inflation is a sustained increase in the price level of goods and services in an economy over a period of time.[1][2][3][4]

This is the definition GENERALLY (ie not always) that our central bankers and politicians use when they describe inflation. It is also generally the definition economists will use when they talk about and point to inflation (or hyper-inflation).

I have taken great pains with this community to try and disambiguate the idea that you can interchange and mix up the definitions of these words. I have written many articles to explain how nefarious people try to conflate these definitions to win arguments.

When someone says inflation means X you should understand they have no concept of what inflation is by either of the meaningful and relevant definitions I have pointed out (and they don’t understand how words and definitions work!).

After I put up these sources for the proper and colloquial definition which was in perfect contrast to the points NirvanaDev and StopAndDecrypt were making NirvanaDev blocked me rather than simply conceding and moving on.

The next day (I believe) StopandDecrypt made a non-apologetic post about how they retain and affirm their right criticize others. I replied that I felt I have twice now made proper counter arguments to their criticism and with no concession from them.

Furthermore I suggested there can be no reasonable dialogue if we refuse to concede when we are certainly shown to be wrong (in simple and observable fashion).

StopandDecrypt told me I am pulling their thread of topic and asked me to comment inline with the past thread I was referring. So I replied inline with the other thread and linked to my complaint.

They responded inline in the thread in which they asked me to leave, complained again, and asked me to take it to a private chat room.

I replied with the sentiment that it is not appropriate to leave to a private room every time I counter their criticize properly and bluntly (obviously).

They complained again in the same thread they had asked me not to comment in. And I responded again pointing out that they are making comments to me in the thread I was asked to leave.

Then they blocked me.

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