The Average Bitcoiner

A lot of persons in bitcoin that don’t know anything about economics but think they do and they are loud about it.

It’s because bitcoin is very easy to quickly realize how difficult it would be to pull off (ie how special and important it is but without having to truly understand its surrounding details). It’s difficult for non-experienced or non-bitcoin people to truly grasp because it literally takes time to traverse the associated material and compressed explanations (and ignorant or dis-information).

We are all looking for that thing, that answer, and we can easily be convinced it is the next technology (if we knew what the next technology was.

The purpose of money and the way it arose comes with a cognitive bias. We generally don’t understand it (or our banking system that provides and maintains it).

So in a kind of irrational exuberance some people begin to start promoting their understanding of bitcoin as the new age evolution of economics, but without understanding what economics (ie or banking) is in the first place.

How many people in this space have I come across with a passionate and ultimately negative emotional persona, expounding on arguments that have no basis in and founded economic argument (save the odd reference to very narrow and misappropriated citations or quotes from an economic argument that (for example) supports deflationary currencies).

And so these persons alienate themselves to discussions with only non bitcoiners and/or routinely block and avoid discussion with those that will encourage them to attach their arguments to existing accepted economic principles (so they can be properly scrutinized in a reasonable timeframe).

How often when I cite my arguments am I told that its an appeal to authority. There are many bitcoiners that don’t understand what it means to make a logical argument.

How often do I hear bitcoin is new and therefore doesn’t need to have an argument based on our empirical historical observations on how economies and money works?

How often do I come across those that haven’t read the literature they are citing and quoting (Vimmy L.!)

Perhaps I am one of those people.

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