I think, his only mistake was underestimating how fast we would reach the limit, he expected…
Adam Stg

There is a difference between scaling and raising, versus scaling to match visa or some indeterminably optimum for a coffee money. In regard to Nash, and my basic point, we should want to leave the implied nature (ie what bitcoin will be in the future) exactly as it is, and let our other money systems evolve in relation to it.

So in other words you points are coherent, with the assumption we are trying to make bitcoin a coffee money, but I don’t think this is how we will bring sound or Ideal Money about for this world.

I think our legacy systems are too strong and established.

Bitcoin could put pressure on them to evolve to become of increasingly better quality though IF it can stand up to the assault on its stability (ie the want to scale to beyond its current implied nature).

I don’t mean to paint Satoshi’s opinion, but Nash has given me a radically different understanding than the average user. What is difficult is the average user comes from a very ignorant standpoint. 
They don’t know what I have read, what I was taught.

Thanks you seems sincere.

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