Carmageddon is Coming
Angus Hervey

“ Within a few years, electric vehicles are going to be cheaper, more durable and more reliable than petrol powered cars…”

Pie in the sky! People are not buying electric cars, and that is not going to change until the price of oil drive them to, maybe in 20–30 years.

The auto industry is just as clueless — and contemptuous — of the people who are its customers.

Witness the hilarious article in Automotive News last week (see here) bemoaning the fact that electric vehicles are a hard sell.

The article was headlined: Automakers’ Anxiety: Why Can’t We Sell EVs? The story went on to quote various auto industry crack pipe smokers such as Britta Gross, a speaker at the recent Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition in Montreal. Gross is director of Advanced Vehicle Commercialization Policy at General Motors.

“Consumers (an awful word, isn’t it?) adore these vehicles,” she says. “People love the quietness, the smoothness, the seamless drive.”

They’re just reluctant — for reasons apparently inscrutable to Gross — to part with cash.

Despite huge subsidies and other forms of jump-starting, sales of electric cars are not just flat, they’re down by about 5 percent. Total sales amount to a literal fraction of the market — a few thousand of them (combined, every make and model) out of 1.4 million sales of IC-engined cars per month.

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