The 70-Dollar Story: From Broke to Top Rated Freelancer

How I Become a Top Rated Freelancer?

I become a freelancer by circumstance.

Having a degree in Education, I never had a single subject in college on marketing. And apparently, becoming a marketer in the future is not my dream.

But after getting a job on the field that I used to think as “real work”, I realized that I was wrapped in debts and loans, until my salary plummeted like a projectile that has yielded to the power of gravity.

A Blessing in Disguise

And then down to the lowest part of my life

Right after my marriage, I was operated in the hospital. The savings that we had were all gone.

And worse, I was forced to re-loan which added up to my debts that was already piling up with high interests, leaving me with approximately PhP 3761.31 or $70 monthly paycheck.

from broke to top rated freelancer

It was the hardest time for us. There was only one thing in my mind — survival.

Lying on my bed, I meditated and deeply thought about that very tough situation.

I remembered that 5 months ago, a good friend of mine introduced me to a certain freelancing website which I registered. But I did not work because I did not understand it.

So I made up my mind to try it again this time. I explored and made sure that I understand every detail. I spent time building my profile, taking relevant skills, and committing myself to learn a new skill.

I worked using my old laptop. After a series of rejections and learning from my mistakes, I was finally hired by an SEO company based in San Diego, California. That was the start of my freelancing career.

my old laptop where I worked and become a top rated freelancer

After 6 months, I became one of the Top Rated freelancers on that site.

Fast forward today, after 4 years, I am very thankful for this opportunity that God has given me. I am no longer applying for any job, but constantly received invitations and offers from clients.

Real Education is the Ability to Meet Life’s Situation

Dr. John G. Hibben, former President of Princeton University is right when he said that real education is “the ability to meet life’s situation.”

Knowledge is power, but applied knowledge is more powerful. Opportunities are everywhere around us. And by using our God-given talent and intellect, we will be able to deal with life’s toughest situations.

To my fellow freelancers out there, just keep moving forward. There are greater opportunities waiting for you at greater heights. Press on.