Destiny and Hermetic Religion Part 1

For the past three years I have been addicted to a game called Destiny in which the Earth and its people were embraced by an entity called the Traveler who brought about a golden age. During this time the people of Earth flourish and achieved many many great things. Until the Darkness came a knocking.

The Travel with a watchful eye on the last city on Earth

The Traveler and The Darkness

The Darkness is an old age foe of the Traveler; You can think of these two as the “Yin and Yang” or “Light and Darkness”. The Traveler travels throughout the universe helping species advance or at least that is what the developers(Bungie) of the game tried to portray in the first installment of the game. The Darkness follows closely behind trying to undo what the Traveler has done. Throughout its voyage the Traveler has helped many many races one in particular called the “Eliksni” or the Fallen.

A Captain of the Eliksni(House of Devils)

The Fallen were abandon by the Traveler for reasons not yet revealed. However the Fallen were not happy about it and decided to follow the Traveler and they ended up on the doorstep of Earth.

Remember these (light, darkness and fallen) terms as they are extremely important. I am by no means a religious person; However I do believe in an overall creator of all things. No I do not hear “God” or “gods” speak or anything of the sort. I am a science person and like logical thinking. This logical thinking and what I have learned from Dr. Scott McQuate’s radio interviews is what had led me to believe that someone at Bungie Studios(writer, designer or executive) is a Free Mason or studies the Hermetic religion or teachings. The similarities to the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans in the game are uncanny. Again keep in mind that I have been playing this game non-stop and read all it’s Grimoire cards and watched plenty of Youtube videos on its lore and stories. In particular the My name is Byf channel. I am not trying to endorse Dr. McQuate or anyone on Youtube just simply trying to provide some references.

The Watchers and The Creation Myth

Dr. Scott McQuate has done plenty of research into the topic of esoteric teachings the fallen angels or as they are known in the book of Enoch “The Watchers”. These Watchers are led by the illuminated one called Lucifer. These same Watchers wanted to mimic the creator “God” and make life so they asked for permission and the creator said “NO!”. This upset the Watchers and decided to create life not make. This whole entire creation myth goes back to the ancient Sumerians. As you can see Destiny has some similarities to this story. For example the Traveler created the Ghost which are created out of light and can resurrect or create life by extent. Throughout the game the Traveler is depicted as a sphere which resembles a planet(I will get more into the planet part later) and keeps a “watchful eye” on the last city on Earth. Throughout the game there is always some kind of cycle tied to the Traveler and the Darkness which destruction always follows when the two clash. “Oh but anyone can make this up”; Sure you can but there are tons of esoteric symbolism throughout the game and the stories are just too similar to those ancient myths/legends which is why I know that those writers at Bungie are very well verse in Hermeticism.

Anunnaki Depiction

Why Did the Traveler Chose Humanity over the Fallen?

Another very interesting part of the game is how the Traveler chose Humans to make its stand against the Darkness but not the “Eliksni”. Oh yeah I can hear most of you saying “Yes is because they wanted to appeal to us”; Sure that may be the case but I don’t buy it. Throughout the game the Traveler has been made to be good and the Darkness evil. But it is the reverse. The Traveler(Lucifer/Watchers) and the Darkness(Creator/God). The fallen throughout the game seek out the Traveler in hopes to attain their former glory. The watchers also seek to attain their former glory and restore their fall from grace. The Darkness seeks order where the Traveler chooses to cause chaos(order out of chaos is the illuminati way). So humans are the creation of the illuminated one and therefor chosen. As you can also see in this video where it shows the Traveler trying to create life and terraform the planet Mars. We will dive into Mars, The Vex how we humans were created and the planet meaning as well as uncovering more of the hermetic tie-ins in part 2.

What is a Myth?

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