In Her Shoes

Shopping online has become a way to avoid the experience of going into a physical store. In a physical store, a customer can pick out clothes straight from the rack, try on clothes in the dressing room, and even get help from employees. When someone shops online, they skip that experience, the assertive employees, and the checkout line. With online shopping, its instant gratification at just a click away. This is due to the evolution of technology in the fashion world. Customers are less required to interact with others in the situation of simply purchasing clothing.

To show how much technology has impacted how we shop, I will follow a customers actions through their shopping process. We’ll see what its like to go shopping at both a physical store and an online store. The photos will be organized side by side to show the comparison between shopping. There will also be pictures that include figures to display line of sight. I will use composition in the way of blurring most of the items in the store and give clarity to one. The reason is to show the viewer how easy it is for a customer to ignore other pieces in a physical store, while online shopping there is a full view of the companies inventory spread on screen. Photos of the physical store will be taken at low angles to show its value to the customer’s appeal. There will be pictures that differ in lighting contrast to convey a message of the type of ambiance each store environment is giving. The saturation of color in a photo will also play a part in the viewer’s eye. The colors hue will have an impact on the environment staged in the pictures. Throughout the customers shopping experience, I also hope to display a relatable aspect. In some pictures, it will be shot from the first-person point of view to give the viewer a feeling of participation.

The whole process of shopping at a physical store or online store differs in the fact that one is an outlet of progressed technology. This growth in technology has changed shopping forever and will continue to shape how customers shop. From buying what’s new on the rack, to whats new on the tab of a clothing website, is personal preference. The customer has the choice of where they would like to purchase, and as we all know, the customer knows best.

The left picture was taken in the perspective of 1st person to make the viewer feel in the same situation. The colors are warm and the contrast dark to show the environment. The right picture is now positioned in the 3rd person as well as displaying line of sight with the sign directing toward the shop.
On the left, we see how the customer uses technology to start searching items. The picture is warm in hue and the girl blurred to direct sight to what in focus and of importance. On the right, we can see our customer in a physical store picking out clothes. The figure holds an object in sight, and clothes are blurred out to display importance of what is in focus.
In this picture, the figures arm directs us with line of sight with her putting up the items that she chose to try on. With physical stores, she has the option to not only see how the clothes look on her but how they feel unlike an online store.
In this photo we see how the piece of clothing doesn’t quite fit. This is important to know that when you shop in an actual store you’re able to see how it fits. To show this, the picture angle perspective was taken in the mirror. We see the figures expression as well.
At last we see the ending result in purchasing clothes. On the left, the picture is dark and high in contrast to display the environment and time when the “purchase” was received. The mail boxes indicate a sense of juxtaposition in relation towards the box. On the right, we see the customer receiving her purchase. The line of sight starts from her arm, to the receipt, to the bag, and lastly to the employee.
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