Helpless Escapism!

I drew a sightless breath, gently gasping into an endless ecstasy as I continued to stare into the darkest horizon of my innermost thoughts. The silent echoes of the walls around me began to cascade upon the miseries that outweighed the frustrations of the blank state of mind that possessed my anxious heart.

‘Is this it?’, I muttered under a cautious pretention. It would just be within a matter of minutes before my unidentified fate would be decided. In the hope of regaining my physical and mental composure, I sprang out of bed into the unknown cold. Seconds that seemed like everlasting moments soon turned into the end of time, that sparked an internal interest to press on towards the arrow I was about to shoot across colliding infinite skies.

That process of communication astounded my conscience beyond description. At times I felt alive and well, nearing the edge of my seat for more engagement. As I continued to move on, pouring out my thoughts and feelings into the inevitable horizon staring at me, slowly the helpless ‘escapism’ started to surge its way outside me. At times I felt motionless, uncertain, excited yet plunged by challenge and distress. ‘Why?’, I questioned myself over and over again after that event was over. As I clicked goodbye over that tiny two dimensional screen, I realized that that everlasting waiting process was done and over with. It would just be within a matter of time before the ‘reply’ would be sent forward.

This hidden dilemma plunged me further into the indescribable motion of escapism. Its that vertex of convergences, where you realize you have reached a point of no return. A new era of boundless freedom and endless permission in a world driven by constance; unpredictability. I believed it was up to me to take control over that inner ‘demon’. Now, I am ready to look it up in the eye and swallow it into pieces. This is the metamorphosis of the human soul; it’s what life asks us for.