IA#5 Reflections on The Monuments Men

  1. White your personal reactions to the content/story of the film

— the monuments men tells an important story. It creates real emotions out of a subject as a search for the art. And the movie/documentaries itself provides greatly information about the Nazi and extraordinary artistic treasure, paintings, sculptures and many more.

2. Write a critical analysis of the film itself (narrative, production, directing, cinematography, acting etc..)

— the acting itself was real. Based on George Clooney’s directing, it allows all the actors to shine differently/personally. Sometimes in their own sense of humor but most of the time in a serious manner.

3. If the Philippines had a set of “Monuments Men” during the world war II, what could have happen differently? Is there a need for us to have a “Monuments Men” in the armed forces today? Please discuss.

— yes, we can have “monuments men” in the armed forces today to remind people that its not only about the war, it is also about the work of art. Its about time to care and value the art works that we have. Life is short but the art we can save and make history about it. Art deserves to be kept and appreciated.

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