MIDTERM (Metropolitan Museum)

Proof of visit

  1. Configuring Print

Artist: Marcelino Rodruguez

Title: Man and Woman

The message is being conveyed in this art work is that there’s a partner, a man and a woman. It somehow shows the relationship of a man and woman, and how a woman evolves at the latter part.

Artist: Norman Montifar

Title: The Watcher

Being conveyed here is that there’s a lot of watcher not only one but there’s two more watching. There is a main watcher and there are two more watching for him or behind his back.

Artist: Manuel Rodriguez, Jr.

Title: Kites for Summer

The title of the art work is kites for summer but the art work shows dragonflies, not kites. I think because dragonflies. are similar to kites too and it.

Artist: Emet Valiente

Title: Traveller

This picture conveys the culture of the philippines on how we travel to one place or another. Because before we used to use the carabaos to go to places or we just walk.

Artist: Manuel Baldemor

Title: Tahanan

This tahanan shows different plants, flowers and the structure of the house. When i first looked at it, i was confused of the shapes and the things that is shown here. But for every art work there is a meaning behind it.

2. Philippine Contemporary

Artist: Galo Ocampo

Title: Crucifixion

Crucifixion depicts the death of God that he sacrificed for us. Whenever i see a crucifixion picture or art work, it reminds me that God loves us no matter what because he died on the cross for us.

Artist: Diosdado Lorenzo

Title: Nipa Hut

The known nipa hut or “bahay kubo” that we used to live before and its also being used in different provinces. Nipa huts are the 1st shelter that we live in before and personally made by filipinos.

Artist: Anita Magsaysay-Ho

Title: Cooks

This art work shows feminism, that the ladies or moms are the ones who always cook and serve for the family. This is the lifestyle that women are usually meant to do.

Artist: Norma Belleza

Title: Last Supper

The last supper is the last meal that jesus shared with his apostles. This is also know as the holy communion and it portrays the people to join the last supper too, its like its inviting us to join.

Artist: Luis “junyee” Yee, Jr.

Title: Wood Things

The art work shows Natural resources of the Philippines when you see it up close. It has dry leaves, banana leaves, and different woods. These are the resources are used before to build something. When i saw this, I was amazed how they made use of the different resources.

How is met museum different from the national museum? How was your visiting experience? Describe the kind of audience/visitors that are visiting the museum at the time you were also inside the place.

-For me met museum is more of like an intimate museum like then the national museum is very open/welcoming for everyone and it shows the different history of the philippines and artworks of the filipinos, while met museum has a selected/chosen artist that are displayed there.

When i visited the met museum, there are only 6 people was there including us, while the national museum has like a 50–100 people cause when we went there, there was a field trip happening and that place is very applicable for field trips of different schools and national museum is very known and popular for the different works of the filipinos.

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