As long as i’m with you, my dearest Video Game

Wow Such A good game ! Amazing ! — Griffin in Men in Black 3

Thats what i thought when i’m on my first game and my next playlist.

How could this happen? How did my character walk like this? Wow my enemy got little smarter in here. Any impression go down through my mind when i play a video game.

On this post i will tell anything what i got for my video games based on my timeline and console i use, so stay close!

First Game !

Honestly i’m just a good guy who play some conventional game on 90’s era when i come to my first game, and that was an “arcade”. Yeah fortunately i did play an arcade game with that big console on late 2002. Cause i don’t have the console, so i rent it near my home for only Rp.100,- for 2–3 chance of play (At the present time you even can’t buy a candy with that value of money for sure). There are some game like “Street Fighter”, “Pac Man”, “Donkey Kong”, etc, but i most likely the street fighter. Only with 3 button and a stick to play, you could play cheerfully just like you’re the game (Squidward, be machine !).

A really big console here but you wil get such a great experience when you’re in.

Another good game ! with little console ? -Playstation 1

After the arcade, i got playing into a playstation 1. For that time being, this console gave better graphic and you got some story for some game! (Because arcade don’t have any story play in it). My first game on ps 1 was “Tekken 3”, and then “Harvest moon”, “Metal Slug” , “Crash Bandicoot” and some other.

Playstation 1 has been in golden age on late 90's era. You could play any game just by change the cd on the console.

His brother come, more handsome ! -Playstation 2

Ps 2 has been release on first quarter of 2000. Despite the console being smaller, ps 2 brings some improvement on the joystick and graphical of the game. Legendary game like GTA san andreas, God of War , Shadow of Colossus only can be played on ps 2, already bring much player to come than ps 1. Open world has been introduced on ps 2 era, even if ps 1 got some open world game too but we already know the legend of open world, GTA SA only can be played on ps 2 right?

Legend said, you will only remember this map rather than your own city’s map
Much smoother than the graphic game on ps 1 right?

Stop right there ! lets go to PC !

I’m not getting into another playstation brother anymore because it only getting better graphic and system, with extensive feature and same joystick.

PC(Personal Computer) for me on the first time only used as a device to get your job done with microsoft word, excel and powerpoint. But believe it or not there are much people played video games on pc rather than other console.

My first games ever played on pc was “Solitaire” and “Pinball”, but later after i got my first pentium-3 PC, i always played a bunch of mini-games called “Game house”.

You can’t truly be a windows user without playing these games.

Almost all “Game house” game is an arcade-like game. So when i bored with a game, i can play nother one. Even if this game is in arcade genre, it getting more advance than the first gen. Let say you could bring up your character ability for the next round and you get some allies to help you too.

game house gamer should know these three pals .

lets talk about 3D Games shall we?

3D games were much different than other kind of genre, you could be played as first person or third person. Feels like you are in there and you enjoy the environment.

When you play a game on PC, it just like you play game on another console, but you will can customize your control because keyboard has many buttons to use to. You can control your camera freely by controlling your mouse instead of using a joystick. You can improve your performance experience too by upgrade your PC component.

during my time in junior high school, i was introduced to an Ubisoft game called “Prince of Persia 3”. Even if this game were similarly the same like “God of War” on playstation ( sadly GoW is Ps exclusive so i cant play it on PC), what i like was the cinematic scene on the game on the first place. How could an animation in game can be close as a real scenery? That thing really amaze me until now.

Prince of Persia (right) with his own dark side (left)

Since a finished the Prince of Persia 3, i began to play another offline game with story based. Started from Assassin Creed series, Shaun Skateboard, Avatar, etc. As long as i play new game, i realize that year by year 3D game only get improved on the graphic only, while some of the story in the game decreased.

Cinematic Trailer on Assassin Creed Brotherhood. Realistic animation today never get compromise.

At least, until now every great game were getting best experience when you play it. Even if you will need to upgrade you PC once in a year if you want to get the best performance.

Here i will tell you some of the best games i played with some spoiler i suppose. its just my opinion, so no offense ☺

- Bioshock Infinite (genre : fps)

Bioshock Infinite is the last series of bioshock series from 2k until now. unlike other famous fps game like Battlefield or Call of Duty, during the story you will get a bae ! The game took a scene in floating city at 40’s called Columbia. You have been forced to bring a girl back to the surface to pay away your debt. As time goes you will meet her and she will help you take down enemy, realize that she is your missed daughter and your main enemy is yourself from another universe ! What i like from the game is whatever you do, it will stay the same. The Lutece twins will show you how many times you toss a coin and result the same thing over and over.

The main thing i like from bioshock infinite is the environment of this game. You are not on the surface so you literally “flying” during your journey. There are some cargo line that you can use to fly to another floating city too. If you are a Graphic junkie then this game will not suit you. You will find that this game only like other mainstream game graphic, but at least this game still can be played by a pc with core i3 processor smoothly.

- Alice Madness Return (genre : adventure)

Alice Madness Return is a psycho-horror game telling about the dark side of Wonderland ( if you already watch Alice in Wonderland movie, you will know). You have been forced to get down into Wonderland to find out about your darkest mystery and saving wonderland. The graphic that the game serve isn’t really good like Portal 2 or AC Revelation, but it does serve well about environment and the detail. If you play it with Nvidia GPU, you will get best experience of the game’s environment by using Nvidia Physx.

i’m sure that i saw some bug and glitch when i play this game, but as long as it isn’t disturbing the game, well i don’t really care.

My Wish

As long as we getting old, game will getting better and getting heavier. I hope that the new game not only getting near as reality but goes beyond our imagination too. For today im waiting for Beyond Good and Evil 2, it used bigger scale version gaming better than the others. You have an ability to traveling around the city but too you can go travelling out of the Earth and go to explore another planet, amazing right?

Thats for my story this time, i hope you and me will getting better experience when play a new game to fulfill our hope and imagination :) .

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