How to Fix Boot Error “0xc000000f” in Windows 10?

Windows 10 gets a plenty of error by the time it start getting old, which needs to be fixed accordingly. One of the most occurring errors which are present in the operating system is “0xc000000f” that needs to be fixed correctly. The error code indicates that there is booting problem with the operating system as the error is associated with the Windows Boot Manager and whenever the Windows tries to boot configuration data, it shows the error message prompting the users to repair the computer system through Windows Installation media.

Causes for the error code:

To load the Windows memory, boot sector is the important sector for the execution. But if the boot sector gets corrupted then it would start showing such error. The other major reason behind the problem is failure of hard dis. If the hard disk of the system is not working properly or get damage then the user might encounter such error while booting up the operating system.

Troubleshooting methods to deal with the error code:

There are some troubleshooting methods that can help you to overcome the error code, which you can perform at your own. If you are not able to go with the procedure then you can easily contact at Windows 10 Support Number, offered by the Microsoft for the users so that they can get quick help by the technical executives.

  • Using “bootrec.exe” Tool

In order to fix the error message, you can use bootrec.exe tool which in built-in inside Windows. This method also requires a bootable Windows Installation DVD/USB. The major purpose of using this tool is to rebuild the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) that controls how the Windows is started.

· First you need to restart your computer and use bootable DVD/USB to boot it

· If the system prompted for the key, then you need to press any button on the keyboard

· Then simply select the language, currency and keyboard and click “Next”

· Select the Windows 10 to repair and click “Next”

· At last, inside the “System Recovery Options”, you need to select the “Command Prompt”

After performing such procedure, you will see a black screen popup a blinking cursor. Then you need to type bootrec.exe inside command prompt and press “Enter” key on the keyboard.

In case the issue still persists then you need to simply dial a toll-free (+1–800–439–2178) helpline support number to get instant technical support under the supervision of certified technicians and professionals who have capability in resolving all sort of technical problems at any complex level. The number is accessible all the time so that the user can get instant and quick support without rushing to the technician workshop.

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