Ever seen adblock? a simple Firefox (and probably Chrome) add-on that rescues you from the flood of online ads. I myself have gotten so much used to it, that when I see a normal web page containing ads, I get shocked at the first glance.

But here’s the reason behind this post: sometimes, I visit a web page that with no shame, asks me to disable my ad blocker to proceed. But wait, I don’t want to! So what should I do? …

The world’s leading software development platform, Github, in an arbitrary action, has limited, and in some cases completely blocked their Iranian users’ accounts, due to USA sanctions against Iran. Well done Github.


Yes, they can do it; it’s their own business anyway. But the problem is, this hideous act was done with no prior warning to the victims. Just one day, we logged into Github and saw this:

Due to U.S. trade controls law restrictions, your GitHub account has been restricted. For individual accounts, you may have limited access to free GitHub public repository services for personal communications only. Please…

2018 is almost done. How was it? Awesome, book-wise. I read 10072 pages across 48 books, which makes an average of 209 pages per book. My longest one was A clash of the kings with 913 pages, and the shortest one, The killing joke, which was the only comic book of the year. The most popular one was The Fault In Our Stars, which is apparently more known than Harry Potter books now. WOW. The Least known was a book by my Dear friend Ali Ardalani which is only available in Persian. It’s called “Aman-name-ye Shab” which would be “Safe conduct of the night.”

I was hoping to read 25 books this year, but I went as far as 48. 2019? I can’t really predict. I’m thinking on a minimum of 24 books, but I’m hoping I can do more. Let’s see what happens.

I remember I was a child, maybe 10 or 11 years old. It was the New Year’s holidays in Iran. We were at my grandmother’s house. ( My family lives in Tehran, Iran’s capital, and my grandmother’s house was in a small village, 400 kilometers away from Tehran).

Every morning I used to get up early, I think at about 6 or 7 AM. Why? I don’t know. I mean at first I didn’t know. But after a couple of days, I had a reason.

You see, at that time, they had an special for new year on TV. They…

Football has always been one of the sports that I enjoy watching, but in these last couple of years, I haven’t followed football much. Honestly, after my teen years, I somehow lost interest in football. (Of course I mean the TRUE football, The European football). I used to follow all the major leagues, including Iranian football league and a bunch of European ones.

I don’t know why, but i stopped watching football. It’s like it got boring. Suddenly watching a ball roll on the pitch, with two dozens of men after it, wasn’t interesting anymore. Why? I don’t know.


This week was awesome. It snowed, after a really long time. No one was expecting this much of snow anymore, we were just hoping to see some snow again in our lives(of course I’m exaggerating, but I hope you get the point).

Tehran, Photo From TheIranProject.com

I feel alive again, you know what I mean? In this modern life of ours, devoured by the city and it’s 21st century monsters, cars, sky scrapers and the other ones, it feels good to look out the window and see nothing but a deep white spread all over the world. Of course I had to cancel a few of my plans(since it was cold and also hard to find taxi or any way to communicate) but still worth it.

BTW, I’m gonna write here regularly from now on. Maybe weekly. Let’s see what comes in our way.

Reza Keshavarz M

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