Escape from Alcatraz

Part of our internship is a couple of social events and it was time for another one. The team picked probably world most famous prison — Alcatraz or also known the Rock!

The trip started with a trip in a shuttle bus to Pier 37, where docks the ferry to the Alcatraz Island. The trip in the bus was full of fun and excitement, our mood could not be even affected with a bit of smoke from heatings, which looked a bit like fire, but turned to be only humadity after the heating started (fortunately).

The Rock

After we reached out to the Pier we started to board on a ferry. The cruise was great! They took around the Island an we got totally new perspective of the Golden Gate and whole Bay. The day was also really sunny (impressive) and almost without wind. After reaching out the Rock we were given headphones with an audio guide, which was really well made and it guided us around whole Island. The life there had to be relly tough, but not olny for prisoners, who helped to build it and spent there some time, but also for the guards, who were living there in the nearest barracks with whole families. Every day was received goods to run the Island.

So many birds

After the sunset, we turned to be a bit jealous to the prisoner’s life, since the view was amazing, however the jealousy was shortly gone after the wind raised! The ferry back was faster, but still joyful. The way back was pretty sleepy and we had to get ready for following day at work!

The Island left deep memories and definitely thank to our organizators. If you get the chance, definitely do not hesitate to visit it!

No fog?