First browsing around and weeks at work

Since unofficial logo of my current employer is „Work hard, play hard“, what would it be for an international experience without travelling around and to enjoy some events? First travel was aimed to our nearest interesting destination which was San Jose downtown. It was basically first time for me to use local transportation VTA, which is similar to over-ground. We were a group of 10 interns and we spent there around 5 hours. We could have seen skyscrapers, HQ of Adobe, San Jose Sharks Ice hockey stadium and surprisingly a park full of at least 100 players of Pokemon Go (they had tents, grills and camping equipment):)). Nice was also the City hall, Museums, Conventional hall and Jazz festival in the downtown. Basically it was preparation for upcoming when we went to San Francisco.

San Jose
San Jose city hall
Adobe HQ
Cannot miss a flag :)

San Francisco was compare to San Jose much further and because of our bad choice of transportation we spent almost 5 hours on way there and back. However we used it to our favour — slept a bit, since we had to wake up in last days around 7 and during weekend as well and of course to know each other. When we arrived I unfortunately missed my friend, whom I supposed to meet, but I believe we will have a chance on his way back home. When we arrived we made a fast reschedule and went along the bay. The city was really full since at that day was just a baseball in AT&T Arena. The walk was really nice and we saw also local Marketplace. After some time we decided to go the SFO downtown and visit also China town, where we had a lunch at really great spot. We looked around and went to famous spot, which is Pier 39. Some of the fellows had a lunch at there so we regrouped and started to take pictures of Alcatraz and Golden Gate. Everywhere was really busy, which was really cool to see how the city lives. We have made all the trip on foot and it was approximately 20 km. The longest way was from Pier 39 to The Golden Bridge to get the best spot for a picture. From there we took an Uber back to station and train to our new homes. We were coming back a good feeling of satisfaction and joy from our trip, though really tired and thinking about our first week at work.

SF Group
Foggy :(

First week went as was supposed and it is just beginning of our long journey. :) We were working a lot, our first task were introduced and we were split to new teams. So far it was also about a lot of networking with new colleagues. In our team is around 60 people and few interns from CIIP program. They are from Russia, India and China, so we are really divergent. Few times we went with our manager for lunch and also with one of our colleague. In general we were really warmly welcomed and it matters a lot for us. Every day I came home around 8 p.m. so I could just take a shower and get ready for next day. So the motto completely suits :))

Second weekend was more in a calm way and taking a rest, however we did something pretty intensive, which was hiking after great BBQ party, where I was nominated as a Master Chef. The hiking started early as usually and took approximately 5 hours. We went to a Mission Peak, which is in Mission Peak Regional Preserve. The scenario was really beautiful and is memorable. Let the next work begin :))

Mission Peak
what a view
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