Hans Zimmer — concert of concerts!

One of bucketlist idea, which came true, when I found out, that Hans Zimmer is holding up a tour and wants to share his joy and pation in music.

I bought the tickets around January with full of expectation. I had to wait for a long months till 19 April. The concert was held in San Francsico Civic Centre. The place itself was not totally fulfilling my expectations, however the concert? It was just great! All my live memories from great movies were served in even better way, in my opinion. Though, the concert was closer to a rock concert than to a philharmonia concert. Nevertheless, great drums, electric cello and show which Hans Zimmer brought on stage was just great. He is not just a great composist, but also a great story teller. All of the participating were just happy. We did not even mind taking a trip from SF back to San Jose in rain with full shoes of water (damn unpredictable SF weather!).