Hikes around Mt Tamalpais and the Mountain itself

After discovering most of the Bay hiking spots, it was time to reach to the northern part of San Francisco and face our last mountain in that area, which is Mt Tamalpais. However, we were postponing quite a lot reaching out the real peak to get a great view of San Francisco and the Bay.

Our first hike in that area offered us everything you could think of -waterfalls, redwoods, meadows, forest and at the end Stinson beach. This trail was called Dipsea Trail and was starting close to an entrance to the Muir Woods. The reason why we chose this hike was pretty simple - it offers great places and we want to enjoy green space before sun burns all, which is already happening. We were again a group of interns, other colleagues and for the first time I have decided to organize a meetup and invite totally unknown people to us at that time. Meetup.com is a great platform for this kind of events and offers variety of networking activities, based on your preferences.

Unfortunately, we were not able to meet at the beginning of the hike, since the signal coverage, as I mentioned in previous articles, is really bad and once you leave a comfort of more populated areas you are usually out of data most likely or totally without signal. So it happened and we started to hike on our own and we hoped, we will find each other on the way once we reach some populated area.

Fog as usual

Along the hike trail was everything as promised and since we started pretty early, the trail was not totally flooded with people. We found many beautiful spots and in general, the day was just great and we thought it could not be better. Nevertheless, we were wrong! Once we reached to the end of the trail, we found quite well hidden Stinson Beach. The beach was just great — clean, small sand and nicely surrounded by mountains. Only downside was/is the Pacific, which is all the time damn cold. Though a couple of us took small bath to lose some tension in our muscles. To make it better, we found also the other group of hikers and became a big band.

The Core!
Well hidden

After a bit of chill, we decided to head back to our cars and this time different way and more in the forests along small stream. This reminded me of mushrooming Šumava, just without mushrooms. J On the trail we met several interesting hikers from around the world and a few locals as well. It is nice, that opening a conversation here is not so difficult and people are usually very friendly.


At the end of the hike we were pretty tired and the reason was over 28 km in our legs and around 1000m of elevation, due to couple of shortcuts and vista points. However, everyone was happy and more important without injuries.

Summer is coming.

Second hike was in a sake of visit Alamere Falls. This type of falls is pretty since rare, since they lead directly to the Ocean. As a result, it brings many tourists and attraction. The hike itself was not that long, but the view and mood was great. We were 4 cars and my time we split into smaller groups. The most tiring part was around a mile long walk along the beach to reach the Falls. I was lucky to get a bit of sunburn on my arms.

10 miles beach

When we reached the falls, we took a rest, unpacked our lunch boxes and took a couple of pictures. The number of people coming was really enourmous and is understable for me, why rangers were recommending to be aware of that.

The end is the beginning

Our way back was quite fast, since part of us decided to take a shortcut and the other part go the same way and we were competing, who reaches the parking as a first. Unfortunaly, we lost, because of me… While walking on the beach, my flip-flop felt down from the backpack and I found almost at the end of the beach, so I ran a bit back and there to find it. I was at least lucky in finding it, though pretty tired.

Almost proper ratio

After the trip was over we split and our car went to a near Point Reyes. The view was great, the only cons was a really strong wind, which almost blew me away from the cliff. We could see a ten miles beach, ocean ahead of us and also a functional lighthouse.

On the way to Point Reyes we saw a Czech restaurant serving Pilsner — it was a duty to stop by! Unfortunately, the only good stuff started and ended up with Pilsner and kind staff. The food was a bit of tragedy. We headed home with tired legs and a good mood and full excitement for next hike in that area — Mt Tam.

A forest bird never wants to a cage

Mt Tam, the peak we were waiting for a long time and here it came J) After a couple of miles and other preparation we were ready (not that it was neccessery, but want to make it a bit more dramatic…). Mt Tam trail was around 7 miles round-trip with a pretty decent elevation of approx. 800meters. It was not so difficult as it might look like and the award was astnoshing view on whole Bay and our new chipmunk friend. We had a good time in a smaller group and our mission north of SF was at the end successful.

Richmond Bridge