Seattle Needle and cookies all around

On January 16 is a Martin Luther King Day and we without hesitation took an advantage of it and flew to Seattle. Seattle is a main harbor of northern part of West Coast and is very important for Alaska, but also other landlocked states of the US, since it distributes goods all around.

Main dominant of Seattle is the Space Needle, which is was built during the Expo in 1962. However, it was not our only stop. We bought Seattle City Pass, which offers most of the Seattle attractions. For me was most joyful Harbor Tour, Glass Museum and MoPOP and Needle, so basically everything! The downtown is really nice as well and it is possible to walk around. We were also really lucky with accommodation and stayed at a Couchsurfer, who showed us around.

At night

In general our trip was full of luck, especially from weather perspective. Since the trip happened in January, you would expect more of foggy and cloudy weather, however for us it was opposite and full of sun! Unbelievable! The weather is one of the reason, why there is so many cafes, since people need a lot of coffee to fight this gloomy weather.

Downtown shining

The last day of trip was in a sign of Museum of Flight. So many airplanes were not even at SFO and we could walk around or in them. There was also a great exposition of fighters from the I. and II. World War. Great thanks belong to volunteers, who helped us and explained many things about history of Boeing, museum and in general whole area and models. Most memorable was Czech Mig 21, which supposed to end up as a barrel in a brewery, but was bought after revolution by American entrepreneur for the needs of museum.

Seattle was great and the nature around is a reason, why to come back. Big thanks to our guest!

Finding Nemo
How is this possible?