Twin Peaks and botanic garden

I believe many of you have heard of Twin Peaks series and so there is no longer need to introduce it to you… However, this is a totally different story.

Twin Peaks I am talking about is one of the most famous vista points in San Francisco. Though the name contains ‘Peaks’, you don’t have to be worried about any big hike, it is more like a walk or you can drive to the top. The view offers tremendous view on whole Bay Area and mostly SF, which is amazing due to its cascading structure and elevation.

After funny trip to there, when was our train once broken, we got some food and continued to a Botanical Garden. Unfortunately for us, we were not residents of San Francisco, otherwise we would not have to pay.

The Botanical Garden is divided into sections, where each of them is representing different biotops, countries or even era. My favorite section was the one with trees and prehistoric plants. In the middle is a lovely green park with a fountain, where we ate our snacks and took a rest before the way back. BART did not dissapoint us and we ended up home well, though it took some time as it common with local public transporation system.