Why I want to become a BETTER Software Engineer

As a kid I always loved puzzles. I almost asked my parents for a new ones on my birthdays (Cubes was my favorites). When I started college in Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) I was first an IT major. IT classes were good and they thought me lots of things however they weren't challenging enough but then one programming class that I took change my education and career path. it was a simple Java class that at the end of it we learned object and how to manipulate them, but it was truly amazing. I remember, I was staying up at nights to figure out some problems that my code had and come up with the better and smarter ideas to solve my bugs. It was my first programming class but it was familiar to me. it was like a puzzle.

“Computer science is the scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications. It is the systematic study of the feasibility, structure, expression, and mechanization of the methodical procedures (or algorithms) that underlie the acquisition, representation, processing, storage, communication of, and access to information.”. I read this quote over and over million times. Whenever a relative or friends asked me: “So Reza, What are you going to study in University?” I knew the answer. After graduating from NOVA with 4.0 GPA, I applied to the University Of Maryland College Park and to study computer science as my major. I enjoyed most of the classes. they were tough and challenging but rewarding and satisfying. during my undergraduate I did two research. One of the was the Department Of Defence project and the other was the graduate research project called News stand.Everything was going perfectly until I accepted and went to my Google internship in New York in my senior year.

Don’t get me wrong the internship experience and the environment was amazing and I learned A LOT. But I saw this huge gap between what I am learning in the undergraduate and what the industry is using. I came back form my internship with lots of new and good knowledge and finished my Bachelor Degree. All of my professor told me that I should defiantly persuade for a higher education but I wasn’t motivated because I saw how much universities are behind from industries. I didn’t interview for the full time position in Google because I couldn’t move to the New York or Mountain View. I interviewed with Microsoft and got an offer but they couldn’t find the position for me in the Virginia so I declined their offer. At the end I chose to work for one the local consulting company called Booz Allen Hamilton. I am a full stack/DevOps engineer and I am developing lots of cool stuff with Ruby on Rails, GO, Angular.js, Docker, AWS, Chef and etc. But in my mind I always want to get a higher education and become a better Software Engineer.

I am taking lots of online classes. I am taking a Cyber Security Specialization in Coursera and Android Developer in Udacity. At the same time I am expanding my javascript knowledge by taking a class in Code School and learning Golang language from Pluralsight. However, you can not learn how to ride a bicycle by reading a book, you need to practice it in the real world. All of these classes taught me a lot but none of them gave me a real world project or experience so I can apply what I learned.

Last night when I was reading some tech blogs I saw an article about your school. Experienced engineers from top companies are gathering together to build a two years school to train full stack developers and teach them about real world problems. Well thats what I was looking for. I know that there is no online classes yet and I cant attend in person in San Francisco but I just want to submit my application to let you know that there is a young passionate engineer in the East-Cost that really admire your work and really want to attend your classes and learn from it if there was a way.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my letter.



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