Should designers write?

Designers should write. Or don’t. It’s your choice.

Should designers write is another story of should designers insert-awesome-and-hipster-things-here.

But seriously, in the sea of pixels, how do you differentiate your work with others?

I used to be a writer. Actually, my first design was how I designed and separated my essay into a chunk of understandable-paragraph.

An effort so that my reader can get my point easily.

Writing helps show your problem-solving skills and the way you tell a story.

Because after all, we as a designer job is to tell a story to our users, beautifully.

There’s always a reason for you to start writing. I don’t want to dictate you to start writing. If you are the one who love your Sketch or Photoshop that much, and hate to type with your keyboard. It’s ok. Chill. ☕️

But, if you want to start writing and show your work. Here are some ideas for you to start writing as a designer.

Write a case study

You have created an awesome app with billion of users. Tell others how did you do that. How do you start things? What’s your magic tricks? Be that black mask magician who tells biggest magic tricks reveal. Maybe the black mask magician had bigger audiences than the regular magicians.

Biggest magic trick revealed. (Image sources)

What is your anxiety?

What do you hate the most when designing things? What do you hate about your current workflow? Why do you hate that Photoshop? Why don’t you want to use that prototyping tools? Write that down.

Your redesign attempts

So you are in a love-hate relationship with a product. You think that you have a better solution if you be them. So you end up to redesign the product. You love the redesign. Tell people why you think this solution should be better than the current product.

Your workflow

You have magic tricks when designing that nobody knows. Or maybe you even create a plugin. Copy and paste that read me section on your Github and tell the story and your workflow behind your awesome side project.

Interview your designer friends

You don’t have any work to show. Or maybe your current workflow is a chaos. Or simply you don’t have any better idea to start writing. Here is an easy tip: interview your designer friends. Ask their workflow. Ask their experience with previous projects. Record with your lovely iPhone. And write it down.

So my fellow designer friends, write.

Or code.

Or create an awesome Dribbble shot.

Or start 100 daily UI.

Or help your grandma baking her delicious cookies. 🍪

Or don’t.

Just sleep and enjoy your Sunday morning.

All is good. ☕️

Ah, comfy.