Trying to escape routine is a losing battle. You just can’t.

To those who don’t know me long enough, i used to have my own design firm for 6 years, and then tried 2 years of building a startup, and then freelanced, and then worked for a startup, and tried a stint of being a design consultant on retainer for a few startups and companies (at once, bad idea), and now working in a corporate bank.

So i kinda have felt every stage of “freedom from routinity”. From total freedom, to unlimited holidays, to corporate slave. And there’s no such thing as no routine. The fact that you don’t have a routine will only be a routine itself. Even when i’m doing freelancing, all the flexibilty you have still won’t let you off from a routine. Even when i have the freedom of deciding whether i want to work or not today regardless it’s a weekday or weekend, still in the end became a pattern that repeats, making it another routine.

I had 2 years stint of constant traveling, people think it’s fun, and it was. But it also became a routine. Packing the luggage, going to the airport, the flight, unpacking, and doing it again when it’s time to come home.

And i bet even the most hyped insta-travel-blogger will still feel their quit-your-job-and-travel-the-world life will feel it's a routine in the end.

As we already understood, the human brain is best at recognizing and creating patterns that are familiar. I guess that explains our routine. It’s a pattern that repeats itself. And we’re hard coded to obey that. There’s no way out.

So in my opinion, to have a good life, the key is to create a bubble that you enjoy being in it. A routine that you don’t actually mind living. Wake up, go to a job that you don’t mind doing, eat food that you don’t mind repeating, meet friends that you don’t mind spending time with, going home to a place that you don’t mind calling home. And probably once in a while have a bit of spontaneous break and get back to it when you’re done.

Clean, rinse, repeat.

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