A tour, a tale of enjoyment.

A study tour make us shake of our sorrows, tiredness, malancholy, distress, make us refresh, provides us with lots of opportunity to enjoy. we , the teacher and the students went to a tour at cafe a 24, vatiari arranged by Delwar's coaching for the 3rd time.

Delwar's coaching isn't a coaching only, it's a family. we, the teacher are not only teacher. we are brother, friend and guide. we always try to make the students learn through a pleasant environment. so we arranged the tour to make them refresh.

How was our tour? well, It was full of enjoyment, surprise, the most celebrating one, as all the students and teachers joined spontaneously. The students made their efforts make it colourful. They were very much exited.

We started our journey at 10 am by two hired bus. 
We were the 2nd bus on the way to cafe a 24. We made a lots of efforts make it enjoyable but all went on vain. As our sound system didn't work well. moreover, the students seemed lack of energy, reluctant, The teachers started dancing but students don't join or make effeorts.

However, we reached sun set view point, entered the the park, there were few rides and all the students started to enjoy these. Then we ascended the uppper part and started to take pic, selfie. Many students demanded to have pic with them. so we had a lot of pic with them.

Then, we started for cafe 24. while going there, we were amazed, fascinated, charmed at the natural beauty of road side. we were mainly charmed at the hilly zig-zag and high --low road. All the students started to shout at the time. One of the students asked if I can whistle. But as I am very good boy, I can't :p. perhaps she wanted to whistle but she couldn't also.

After reaching cafe 24, we had our lunch. we took rest for a few minute. Then we entered the long desired destination, cafe a 24.. we make a group of teacher . Hasan sir and nipun sir started singing, the two recongnisible singer. We also tried to be part of it. They made it one of the most interesting parts of the tour.

The most interesting hapening of the tour happened at the time of returning. As we were in bus 2nd going there, we had to change our bus. we got into the 1st bus and joined the waiting students. we asked to play song. Then we started to dance. Actually it wasn’t dance. we can call it just leaping. Hasan Al Mahmud sir made it more gorgeous.His hero type get up made us jeolous :p .As he was the central attraction to all student. All the students joined us. we forced azad vhiya to join us. Nazrul vai was one of the most spontaneous participants. All most all the way we carried it on.

When we were in NayaBazar, Hasan sir and I changed our bus again and joined Mahmud Bhuiyan sir and Adib Shahriar in bus 2nd. Then the environment of bus 2 totally changed. we all started to leaping, shouting and made the journey most attracting one. we kept it on till reaching the destination, Delwar's coaching campus.

After getting down bus many of us felt dizzing, felt unbearable pain in the whole body. But it was the most pleasing, enjoyable, lovlely and unforgetful day. Thanks goes to all, especially Hasan sir and Nipun sir to provide us with a wonderful day. It will ever fresh in our memory, as memory never dies.