Current trends in e-commerce merchandising.

The key to successful business is staying up with the times and trends. If you don’t understand and follow your customer to their home ground, converting leads to sales is going to be a tough task. Read on to know whats hot and what’s not.

The attention span of browsers is merely few seconds — relevance is the key. It is very common to see websites monitoring browsing patterns to show products that the users are interested in.

Influencers and bloggers are great options for niche products since it is easier to reach target customers through them. Affiliate marketing is gaining popularity among retailers.

Spreading word of mouth is a thing of past, a one line review and single click does it today. Real testimonials, buyer reviews and user ratings are bringing authenticity to brands these days.

With social media marketing being a must, these days’ brands DO (something interesting) and customers talk about it (via sharing). Ad campaigns these days showcase real people’s breakthroughs and achievements and connect their brand to these stories. This goes a long way in the personalization of the brand.