Cyber Security Tips

Hello guys, today at TechBurnZero we are going to show you How to stay safe in the Cyberspace? and what Security measures should one take to stay safe in the Cyber-space….pssst…. Avoid insecure access to the darknet..

1. Stay Anonymous:

This step is all about staying anonymous and keeping your identity a secret. There are several measures that you can take in order to stay safe online some of them we have listed here:

  • Use a VPN.
  • Stick to the mighty onion (I mean TOR).
  • Use an operating system that cares for your privacy, I’d recommend using TAILS (The Amnesic Inc..Li…..meh… whatever) This OS is the best for its encryption and security measures.
  • Change your cyber identities regularly.
  • Never trust your antivirus.

2. Ditch Google.

Yeah… you read it right I exactly said ‘Ditch Google’ , as we all know Google is a company which has access to each and everything about you. They do not care about anyone’s privacy and monitor our activities..

So, we are presenting you some measures which may help in keeping your data and privacy safe:

  • Use DuckDuckGo- It is the best search engine after google. But the best thing about it is that it doesn’t track you.
  • Replace Gmail with the almighty Protonmail, it is the best email service I’ve used myself. Its best features include Self-destructing messages and its encryption.

3. Some more tricks.

  • Try to avoid viruses especially Spywares.
  • Never reveal your personal details in Chatrooms, Darknet,.. etc.
  • Use linux
  • Use live operating systems…. It also means that avoid using your own systems.
  • Use https protocol and VPNs on Public networks.

Well, Not keeping the post long. That’s all for today. Any help will be appreciated. TechBurnZero is currently an One Man Army and needs more members. Man I’m serious I can’t do ll this alone. If you think you can help then contact me. Register via E-mail for updates. Contact for technical assistance…

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