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Good Morning guys! It is Abhinav here and It is 1:00 AM right now and I’m unable to sleep there is something keeping me awake and I’m not sure and I’m here sitting on my bed with my laptop since my desk is very messy and has not been cleaned for a month now and the music playing in the background is DOPE *Seriously* I was wondering what is the best thing I can do to sleep now so I came up with an Idea of writing something here on Coffee Code *No we DO NOT sell coffee to programmers* So today we are going to discuss a very important topic *Just kidding* Today’s topic is:

How to- Get into coding without any prior experience?

My Story goes like this (Here is briefing):

A guy who never used a Computer for doing anything other than playing videogames developed an interest in learning how these things work and Decided to make his own videogame but fails miserably as he didn’t knew coding and then tries to learn. Explores resources on the web and is now learning programming.

So, in this casual discussion I’ll guide you through the path of learning coding on which I am currently traveling on and I should have taken this path but I had no one as a guide.

So here you go…

Resources you can use:

#1. Udemy(Free/paid)

Udemy is the website I’d say you should use for getting an idea of how things are, the instructors are good here but most of the courses are paid here so if you don’t mind paying for learning then Udemy is the place for you. (PS- They offer discounts to new students and some courses are available for free using coupons. )

#2. Codecademy(Free)

Codecademy is one of the best places to learn how to code. The step by step DIY method of learning is a good idea and I’d surely put that in when we make a website to teach complete coding.

I tried it for the first time when Rafeh Qazi(Clever Programmer) mentioned about it in one of his videos. I didn’t knew that it would help.

#3. StackOverflow

Stackoverflow IS NOT going to teach you coding but it is somewhere you can clear your doubts related to pieces of code, Errors you get when running something. But I’d like to warn you that people here like to stay serious.

#4. theNewBoston

theNewBoston is a website and a Youtube channel you can learn anything here from using hacking tools to learning to code. That’s all I want to say about it right now.

#5. Freecodecamp

It is clear from the name that it is free and if you are kind enough then you can donate to keep this project going.


  • Hackr.io
  • Codewars
  • Khan Academy
  • Freelancer and Upwork *Experience is necessary too guys*

I’m getting sleepy now and the Idea worked So Good Night Guys and Good Morning again. I bet that This post will turn into a full guide some day. Any sort of help with content will be appreciated.

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