"Young People Want Brands to Empower Action on Climate Change"

I think what you mean is, "Brands Want Young People to Want Brands to...." etc.

Young People, what do you want?

Young people are also suffering from a block in the older environmentalists worldview. Older environmentalists tend to dismiss a lot of viable solutions and demonize them. Nuclear energy comes to mind as a prime example.

It may be that young people need to push back on some of the limitations…

The concept of "backfiring" - "having the opposite effect to what was intended" would have value in ordinary circumstances but makes no sense in this context.

Right now, we face the threat of climate change, which means the goal is rapid decarbonization and full transformation of everything at scale. Most…

Stay HOME & Reconfigure the Economy.

Coronavirus Death Toll, USA as of May 7, 2020

There are a lot of people clamoring to “reopen America” and “let the virus go everywhere and be done with it.”

This is based on economic fears, that a broken economy will result in more death and illness than the pandemic.

Good news: Our beloved, mostly phony economy is way…

Make #BedCzar Trend. We need a #BedCzar more than ever.

Update, July 17, 2020 — Looking back on this post I wrote back in the early days of Covid. Good for all of us, professionals took over. But now, apparently Trump Admin has stripped CDC of Coronavirus Data, which has implications. See also this.

March 19, 2020: Brace yourselves. We…

What are your favorites?

Soil of Iran — xAk-e irAn — خاک ایران

Quick question: what is your favorite environmental quote in Persian?

I want to make some T-shirts that promote environmentalism,* and also teach language. ‌But the quote that comes to mind for me isn’t one that people would associate with environmentalism.

It happens to be the one I’ve heard a thousand…

For Climate Strike and Beyond!

11 years, you say? Show us your #FirstGigawattDown! At the strike posing next to a youth!

So you want to be part of the global Climate Strike, but don’t know what to put on your sign? Join the “Show us your First Gigawatt Down” movement! This sign pairs perfectly with any other sign out there.

Are you a Sheep or a Goat?

Photo by Jacob Spencer on Unsplash

It has come to my attention that Trump and those evangelicals (a surprisingly large percentage!) that enable him are Hell bent on destroying the lives of immigrants and refugees, among other things.

And I mean “Hell bent” quite literally. Because in relentlessly pushing for these horrifying policies, they are directly…

Rezwan Razani

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