How to change Quotas VideoMax Became a regular in the Android Data Quota

How to change Quotas VideoMax Became a regular in the Android Data Quota — Telkomsel is the famous operators very expensive price, and the price of internet packages offered either flash, us sympathy, and sympathy loop. Since the disappearance of the quota that is super internet package has been lost, making the customers bedisappointed. It’s not all internet packets telkomsel on sale with the price is expensive, but there’s also a cheap kok. However, if the cheap kuotanya that is divided into several sections, the main quota, quota, quota MDS 3 g, 4 g videomax quotas and so forth.

However, for the quota package videomax equipped with huge quotas, however, because their use is limited and only for streaming on only certain films, like Korea Darama, Movies and so on, then it’s no wonder this videomax quota less a lot of enthusiasts. Well, if you’ve already signed up telkomsel package quota videomax and want to change it into a regular flash or quota package, you can listen to the reviews already we present about how to change quotas with quotas being videomax following.

Here we will use the other party that is a free internet application called KPN apikasiTunnel, this one is not only used for free internet how to do it, but there are people who are very creative, which has managed to find tips on how to change quota videomax became regular quota. Well, if you want to know, please refer to the step by stepnya below.

1. The first step please you first download an application called KPN Tunnel on android, and install to attached.

2. then please you open applications in order to initiate the Tunnel KPN step change quota videomax telkomsel.

3. If already logged in on the main page please you making a Tunnel KPN playload, bug host and content hosts telkomsel who can still used the alias is active. for example:, and having already made your new writing click Convert.

4. Dilanjut with menceklist SSH Tunnel.

5. After that, please add a profile then you input active SSH accounts, and for example only please look like this “

Ussername: sshkit-647303458799424

password: 1


port: 80

6. then you back to the main page and continue by pressing the Start button. And please, you notice the logo and if successful it will pop up a notification is running.

7. While to try the videomax quota testing already changed to regular flash or regular quota, please you try go to youtube or browsing.

Information about how to change the quota of regular quota be videomax was actually able to use other applications. However, because of the inordinate use of KPN Tunnel to change quota video max, so we recommend you do with this method first.And in fact the key to this trick is a SSH account is still active and well bug host active also.

Source: Cara mengubah kuota youthmax menjadi kuota biasa

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