What You Don’t Understand About Fine Wine Might Hurt Your Business
Gary Vaynerchuk

Hmm…I’m conflicted on this. From my understanding of the article, the author is making the case that GOOD wine=expensive wine, which I think is extremely misleading (plus, please define “good” and “expensive”! hah). Some wines truly are NOT worth the price you are paying at the store or at a restaurant exactly because of the supply and demand (ahem, marketing) reason the author mentioned. Moreover, the author fails to mention the numerous other factors that go into wine pricing. Nevertheless, several highly-respected somms (as well as my own trial and error) will tell me that you can find exceptional, high quality wines from lesser-known regions or lesser-known grapes at a much more palatable price point. Can I taste the difference between a $10 wine and a $100 wine? Sure, maybe, but that’s quite a range! Can I taste the difference between a $50 bottle and $100 bottle? Often, no. From my experience, any respected (and truthful) somm will tell you that do not need to dish out that much dough to find a high quality, delicious wine.