Arc Analytics now supports 200+ Google Analytics Dimensions.

Arc Analytics now supports 200+ Dimensions including referrals, pages, countries, and many more.

Dimensions are specific attributes of your data. Applying dimensions for things like city, browser type, language, campaign, etc allow you to see your data based on criteria that mean something to your business.

If you only care about users who view your site in French using Chrome you can now…

A fun, new brand that helps connect Arc Analytics with Google Analytics.
Arc Analytics ❤ popsicles

When should a small business prioritize branding vs product development?

Arc was always meant to be a fun brand. But when we started, we focused on talking to customers and building a product that solved a basic need: Sharing Google Analytics data in Slack. We’re a small team of three people with limited time, so branding didn’t bubble to the…

Google Analytics segments in Arc Analytics

Arc Analytics now supports Segments so you can easily filter what Google Analytics data you see in Slack

Data lets you make the right decisions for your business. Sifting through 100s of metrics and dimensions is the hard part. Segments allow you to set filters for your data so you can automatically focus on exactly what you need. Now Arc lets you use your Google Analytics segments to send the filtered data you and your team need directly into Slack.

Arc Analytics now supports localized currency for all Google Analytics reports sent to Slack

When Arc Analytics was released we built it based on what we knew, the North American market. So Arc only displayed eCommerce results in $. Since then, we’ve gained users from around the world and everyone expects results in €, £, $, ¥, and more. 💱

Now, Arc Analytics displays…

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