A fun, new brand that helps connect Arc Analytics with Google Analytics.
A fun, new brand that helps connect Arc Analytics with Google Analytics.
Arc Analytics ❤ popsicles

When should a small business prioritize branding vs product development?

Arc was always meant to be a fun brand. But when we started, we focused on talking to customers and building a product that solved a basic need: Sharing Google Analytics data in Slack. We’re a small team of three people with limited time, so branding didn’t bubble to the top of our priority list. We were entirely dedicated to adding features, supporting our customers, and doing our best to become THE Google Analytics Slack app.

Recently, we started building the final feature on our original roadmap, Google Analytics Dimensions. With the end of that original plan in sight, we…

Google Analytics segments in Arc Analytics

Arc Analytics now supports Segments so you can easily filter what Google Analytics data you see in Slack

Data lets you make the right decisions for your business. Sifting through 100s of metrics and dimensions is the hard part. Segments allow you to set filters for your data so you can automatically focus on exactly what you need. Now Arc lets you use your Google Analytics segments to send the filtered data you and your team need directly into Slack.

Arc Analytics now supports localized currency for all Google Analytics reports sent to Slack

When Arc Analytics was released we built it based on what we knew, the North American market. So Arc only displayed eCommerce results in $. Since then, we’ve gained users from around the world and everyone expects results in €, £, $, ¥, and more. 💱

Now, Arc Analytics displays currency based on your Google Analytics settings. If your data is in ¥, Arc will show ¥. If your data is in CHF, Arc will show CHF. A simple update with big improvements for our users around the world. 🌎

When you wake up, do you pour yourself a coffee and dig into your website analytics? Few do!

Understanding how your site is performing is hugely important. But there’s a ton to look at inside Google Analytics before you can start to answer that question. It takes a lot of time and effort to simply answer whether something important happened yesterday. It’s even harder to identify trends in your data without using complex spreadsheets.

Since you have a long list of important things to do, Arc automatically combs through your analytics and delivers updates to you and your team when…

When you’re building or growing a website understanding if your active users are trending up or down is a key success criteria for your growth strategy. Now, Arc will share your active user trends in Slack so you can clearly see how you’re performing over the past day, week, and month!

Arc delivers an informative graph that shows you how you’re trending and gives you specific numbers so you’re always on top of the details. Now your whole team can adjust plans or celebrate your progress together in Slack!

Every website has a purpose and yours is no different.

Setting up and tracking site goals is the best way to make sure your site is successfully delivering what your users need. Arc tracks and shares those goals in Slack so you can be sure your site is living up to its purpose. Now you can focus on hitting your goals instead of visiting Google Analytics every morning and digging through extra menus, reports and graphs.

What metrics matter when you’re attracting new visitors or want current visitors to view more content?

Watching users, sessions, bounce rate, and session duration can show you if you’re hitting your visitor targets. These updates are conveniently highlighted with a helpful graph at the top of the Google Analytics dashboard so you can see exactly how many new visitors your site is attracting and how those visitors are behaving, if you remember to visit Google Analytics every day.

When you’re running an online business staying on top of your revenue and conversion rates helps you gauge the effectiveness of your marketing and sales strategies. Arc shares e-commerce metrics and charts with your Slack team so you can see everything you need to know about users, sessions, revenue, and e-commerce conversion rates.

Over the past few months, we’ve been experimenting with ways to improve the level of details Arc summaries delivered. Our users have been asking for more information and graphs that described their Google Analytics metrics in a visual way. The hard part was finding a way to increase the amount of information Arc sends to Slack while keeping things written in sentences that were easy to scan.

Arc shares helpful reports filled with Google Analytics information every day, week, and month. But when you just want a quick update a huge list of data isn’t always the best.

Now Arc allows you to select specific metrics so you can focus on exactly what you need and reduce noise in your Slack channels. Nothing extra!

Ryan Felgate

Co-Founder of https://arc.ai and https://enjoyfieldtrip.com . Building tools for #remotework. Love hockey and the #detroitredwings.

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