Leadership development is not an event — its a process

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This week’s post is a busy one, so grab a coffee, relax and reflect on the following free leadership articles/blogs.

My 3 Biggest Leadership Mistakes (and How I Fixed Them)

Nothing new in this article, but Chris Myers nails it with the three key principles that helped him to become a better leader.

  1. Be humble
  2. Be self-aware
  3. Be empathetic
“I believe that successful leaders are the ones who can focus their attention inwards, finding a sense of calm and peace that draws others to them.” — Chris Myers

8 Massive Mistakes Companies Make About Leadership Development

This list is so true — only 6 mistakes were listed in the article:

  1. They promote people who have technical competency and they assume they have leadership skills
  2. We let senior leaders get away with not committing to their own development.
  3. There are no assessments or testing of leadership skills and abilities.
  4. Not willing to commit the time for leadership development.
  5. Thinking that leadership development is an event and not a process.
  6. The managers are not committed to their direct report’s development.

The Leadership Game Plan: Jay Friedman, COO Goodway Group, Discusses the Four Pillars of Trust

I’m not going to highlight anything from this article — please read the whole article, as it contains some valuable insight.

Going off-piste

Other than leadership, I read a lot about productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. I will sometimes go off-piste and post articles/blogs that relate to these topics, as they all help us to be better leaders.

12 Habits Of The Most Productive People

The 12 habits listed by Gwen Moran are:

  1. They focus on what matters
  2. They know the difference between “important” and “urgent”
  3. They plan their days
  4. They know where to find what they need when they need it
  5. They have set routines
  6. They salvage wasted time
  7. They only attend meeting with purpose
  8. They do the things the don’t want to do
  9. They aren’t perfectionists
  10. They leave gaps in their schedule
  11. They multitask wisely
  12. They quit strategically
“Perseverance. It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up” — Babe Ruth

Persevere in your leadership development. Remember: leadership develop is not an event, its a process.