Being Targeted By Aliens Might Be The Answer

Yesterday I posted on Facebook that I wish aliens would show themselves. Despite the implication of joking that any statement about aliens carries, I was basically serious. I mean, it’s not that I believe that aliens are out there, watching us and waiting for the right time to intervene. It’s just that I wish they were.

Since we as a species currently seem hell bent on separating ourselves into perceived “safe” groups, divided by racial, sexual, cultural, religious, and national lines, I fear that the only thing that could bring us together at this point would be to discover a group that is completely outside all of what we know. Then, we could perhaps band together against this “other”, instead of finding ridiculous differences in each other to fear and hate.

Of course, if we as a species were to take an immediate disliking to the first extraterrestrial life that we encountered, that doesn’t really bode well either. But if discovering that we’re not alone would prove to everyone on Earth that we’re all one, and that our differences are what make us better, it might just be worth it.

And before anyone thinks that I’m being naïve to suggest the existence of outside life would magically connect all people, let me clarify: In my fictitious, alien-ridden world where humans have all banded together in common cause, it’s not perfect. Extraterrestrials are not the only threat. Bad people still exist. And people can lose the right to be respected and protected. If you believe in killing others because their way of life is different from yours, you lose your right to be part of the whole. If you believe that simply by espousing a certain religion, by being from a certain country, by having a certain skin color, or having a certain gender or sexual orientation, a person is worth less than others, you lose the right to be part of the whole. While the rest of the world shelters in the protection of each other, you are ostracized to the wasteland where the aliens can have you. So, everyone starts out with the respect and protection of humanity, until they do something against the greater good.

This would likely eliminate most politicians, many business people, and much of the population of the more rural areas of the United States. But those who genuinely believe in good for the sake of all would survive, take up the roles vacated by the bigoted and the selfish, and lead humanity to the next stage in our evolution.

Yes, it sounds like science fiction, and based on how we relate to each other now, it is so far fetched it’s farcical. But it’s been pointed out before that science fiction often predicts the future. Let’s hope we’re able to reach a future as positive as this, and not one that ends in a man-made disaster of our own creation, as other forms of fiction have suggested. I’ll take the struggle against alien overlords that brings Earth together over the fracturing and eventual downfall of human society that it looks like we’re headed towards. So say we all.