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In the past I would almost always write about any problems or anxieties I was feeling and magically they would diminish as they were typed or written, in fact, they would disappear entirely not to bother me again. I’m not too sure when this stopped, I suspect that it coincided with the end of a decent portable device with a decent real keyboard, my HP 100LX and 200LX where just great, then I had the Sony Clie clamshell thingy, it wasn’t great but it was pocketable in jeans and good enough for the thumb typing style I had used on the HP’s. Then the world shifted to more easily carried notebook computers, which still aren’t really portable enough, and my writing fell away slowly as think. Eventually iPods and hen iPhones took over, but I still don’t love the keyboard experience sufficiently to kee me focused, and then you have that other big issue — distractions of all things Internet — reading other people’s angst for instance. That’s what just triggered this, reading about someone who is doing very successfully what I learnt was a great way to deal with life’s challenges, and yes I can wholeheartedly agree, writing out troubles away works so well that it remains a wonderful magical trick that like all good magic, needs practice and perhaps discipline to perfect. So again I shall endeavor to practice this dark art of self maintenance with discipline — and try to avoid that distraction of endlessly seeking the perfect portable writing tool — for me it was the HP device or the Sony Clie with real keys :)

Maybe that next iPhone will go some way to meet my needs, but I’m in no hurry to upgrade yet.

And for all those “guru” writers out there — I’ve tried all manner of adding keyboards and micro pc’s, I still too regularly go searching for that perfect writing solution, but for now I’m sticking with “Day One” (far from perfect but good enough) and iaWriter on my iphone6 and fairly recent (way too big to carry around — am writing this mid morning ride ) MacBook Pro. And yes paper and pencil/pen shall never be replaced, they really are the best tools — I use those at work mostly , but my writing is diabolical, so I lean towards typing when possible.

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