Best Week Ever — Life of a Startup

I have spent the last 20+ years working on a variety of startups and have been extraordinarily lucky to be a part of building some amazing, industry defining companies from day one through through initial funding, growth and, ultimately IPO and/or M&A.

Every startup that ultimately succeeds will have its share of ups and downs. Some days it feels like the company is about to change the world and other times like you are on the verge of failure. Dynamic Signal has had an amazing run since we founded it 5+ years ago. There were some tricky times in the first couple of years but the last few years have been fantastic. We have invented a new category of marketing technology and have worked hard to define the industry with a collection of fantastic clients like 3M, Autodesk, BMW, Cathay Pacific, Cisco, Domo, Genentech, Humana, IBM, Lenovo, Mars, Mary Kay, Pitney Bowes,, SurveyMonkey and many others across multiple industries. Employee Advocacy and Engagement is here to stay thanks to the incredibly hard work of my team and the trust our clients and partners have put in us.

The venture backed startup market is obviously incredibly challenged at the moment due to the excesses of the last few years in the private markets, the lack of large numbers of successful IPOs and so on. Whenever I talk to other entrepreneurs I always have the same advice — build an amazing product, build an amazing team, get tons of paying customers and, in the long run, you will do quite well. There will be plenty of bad times for many companies so it is always important to celebrate the good times as well. That is why I wanted to celebrate the amazing week we at Dynamic Signal just had.

On MONDAY we released the latest Dynamic Signal user video, simply titled “How Dynamic Signal Works.” This video does an amazing job showing how our product works in all its different modalities. Video is a great way to tell any story. This 90 second video shows how and why our product dominates the employee advocacy marketspace in an easy to understand way. I am proud of everyone that took part. You can watch the video in its entirety HERE.

On TUESDAY we announced an entire suite of Internal Communications tools. Did you know the internal communications function originated at Lever Brothers in the late 19th century? Unfortunately, the technologies and tools used by internal communications professionals today seem similarly antiquated. Intranets, corporate emails, newsletters bulletin boards in breakrooms: they just don’t meet the needs of today’s mobile enabled, digital native and distributed workforces. We are putting 21st century tools into the hands of internal communications professionals at all our customers worldwide. Read about all the tools HERE.

On WEDNESDAY we announced localization for our product in 13 languages. We have always worked with global companies, and more and more of them are headquartered in Europe or Asia. Our global customers want to speak with all their employees at the local level, and no one offers localization as robust and scalable as ours, anyway. Read the details about the new feature HERE.

On THURSDAY we released member to member messaging functionality for the Dynamic Signal platform. Instant messaging is the de facto way we communicate today, at work and at home. It only makes sense members on our platform be able to communicate in the same way. Members can now source, discuss and share content with each other, amplifying advocacy abilities. Find out more about member to member messaging HERE.

And to cap it all off, on FRIDAY we announced a strategic partnership with global marketing communications firm Edelman. Communications professionals at PR, advertising and marketing agencies all agree social continues to grow and employees are your best brand ambassadors and advocates. Add employee advocacy to those two things and you create a powerful PR, branding and communications tool. The professionals at Edelman stepped up and recognized the importance of employee advocacy by creating this strategic partnership with us. The team there has been great to work with so far and I can’t wait to see what our future together comes to bear. Read all about the Edelman/Dynamic Signal partnership HERE.

It’s easy to see why I think this past week was the best week ever. But the thing I look forward to most is how many more of these weeks are ahead of us. I have a top notch team at Dynamic Signal; they love working on our platform, working with each other, and, most of all, working with our partners and clients.

Please look forward to my next blog post in 4 years on the next Leap Day.

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