4 things you must have for this 2015 new year vacations

Have some rest

Yess, you need that. For more than 200 days you worked hard, sweated and achieved a lot things. Time for your body and your brain to take some rest, it’s unvaluable for you health.

Want to spend all the morning on the bed ? Why not !

Want to read this romance book all the day ? Yes, you can !

Want to go to some awesome places watching the rising sun and the dawn ? Go, you have all the time.

You can have as many as “wants” so it’s time to fulfill all those healthy inspirations.

Have some fun

Sure, you had a lot of fun working and earning money all of the year, but time to switch mode.

Go sporting, hiking, visit great places, take time to shot great vacation photos, taste new recipes at never visited restaurants et cetera

Vacations are the best time to meet old friends too, make new friends, invite family to great backyard parties, literally socialize outside internet social media, it’s good for you.

have some thoughts

Meditate, take some distance from daily routines and think about something more existential.

What about your future career ? Are you happy doing what you actually do ? Which area can you explore to extend your skills ?

Take time to dream and reinforce your optimism over your entire life, start new desires, look at something new. You’ll see that’s one the most enjoyable feeling you can afford for free.

Have something done

Sounds strange ? Not at all. Vacations are the perfect time to switch to long forgotten hobbies.

Maybe you long dreamed to write a novel, or a blog post, a song or a piece of Open Source code ? It’s time dude ! Take your laptop and write it, myself I’m writing this post on Medium after not writing any article for about a year, it’s intellectually refreshing and fun.

Had some business idea you couldn’t develop due to lack of time ? Even if lack of time is not really an excuse, now you can’t have that excuse anymore, just do it and see the result. In a weekend, you might build a MVP for your next hot startup, write the skeleton of your next rockstar open source project, or the first and final chapter of the book that will make you an awesome writer.

In a final words, be healthy, have some fun, and unleash your hidden skills for your great good .

Happy vacations ! From Madagascar, with love …

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