New York fashion meets biggest little Reno

Lenore Juliet Branciforte or Leo for short is a Manhattan transplant living in Reno. She reflects her home in not only her outlook on the world but her fashion sense. Whether its thrifting at the local Goodwill or living it up at Junkee, Leo is ready for any situation. Except maybe the snow…

Her style is all her own, but she does have her influences. Just listen to Leo herself tell you here.

Reno style in a New York minute

“Black’s a neutral color and its honestly never going to out of style, so it really does just go with anything,”

Leo chooses to keep black as a constant color in her wardrobe. The neutrality of the color helps to pull together most any combination one can come up with.

“I’m a really big fan of pieces that are considered elevated basic pieces, so they’re something you’d expect to find in most closets but with something that sets them over the edge to make them unique. I thought the beaded detail on the earrings matched the vibe of the pants pretty well.”