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A whole lot of honesty, some good sense and sound judgment. A writer who focuses on helping you better yourself.

When you become too emotionally exhausted to be in a relationship, time apart refocuses the mind.

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Understanding when your sacrifice means nothing to them.

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The start is high, the high is the start

Understanding the predicament of having limited choices.

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“This is just the way I am.”

A statement of self-understanding, or a stance to continue detrimental stubborn behavior?

Clear signs appear much earlier than the wondering question.

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It’s not so much about happiness as it is about purpose, meaning.

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How living in a bubble is my way to success.

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It’s not even primarily about ignoring someone, but saving everyone.

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Short guide to understanding whatever you do is truly not as bad as doing nothing at all.

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The idea or thought of being there for your loved one isn’t enough.

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