Share the Work Before the Smiling Face

I’ve engaged in and overheard excellent conversations the last couple days about using Twitter as a teacher. The questions and concerns mainly related to posting pictures of student without the direct consent of their parents/guardians.

It’s a valid concern, but misses the point of using social media as a tool to grow our personal learning network. Sure, we want to celebrate the awesome work of our students. But let’s share the work, not the smiling face. I love that your students worked hard on a Project Based Learning (PBL) experience, but it is much more valuable to the collective good if you share a link to the project plan. Share how your team worked together to plan the lesson. Ask questions of others with more PBL experience. Share a picture of the driving question or the final prototype rather than a picture of the students presenting their work.

Let’s use Twitter to ask each other questions, debate, share resources, bring attention to department plans, and celebrate the work of our colleagues. The power of Twitter as a professional learning tool is connecting with other educators and growing our collective capacity worldwide. It’s more about contributing knowledge and experience than providing updates.

We are all still learning how to use social media as part of our professional learning. And I do not always practice what I preach, just click the link below to see. I just make sure all the students in my pictures are smiling.

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