How is Online Shopping Better than Retail Shopping

How Online Shopping is Better than In Store Shopping

Many of us have seen news reports or articles about clothing stores closing down and filing bankruptcy. The most recent ones you’ve probably heard of is Toys R Us, Sears, JCPenney, and Macy’s. The main reason why these stores are closing down is because of online shopping. My question that I want to research more on is whether online shopping is killing retail stores and why people are preferring online shopping. This matters to me because I personally work at a Macy’s that is closing down soon. They said that people are going more towards online shopping these days which is causing a lot of people to lose their jobs.

Amazon has become one of the biggest online shopping store across the U.S. but what makes Amazon so popular compared to other retail stores? In an article by the LA TImes it talks about how people don’t need to go out that often to buy clothes. They state that, “Time really is a luxury and people are recognizing that today when it comes to shopping.” I find this very true especially from my own personal experiences. Since I am now a college student with two part time jobs and going to college as a full time student I don’t have the time to go to the mall all the time just to look for clothing to buy. Instead online shopping saves me gas money and time because I can easily look up the items I want then purchase them with just a click. In the same article it also claims that retail stores are just getting old and they need to come up with newer ideas to lure customers in. I also find this very true, if I walk into the same clothing store and I can buy the same thing online for the same price why would I go to the store to have to look for the item and they possibly won’t even have it.

Another reason why online shopping is better than retail shopping is because of the fact that you can compare the prices by just googling the item to see which store has the cheapest one. In an article by BBC UK they state that, “using the Internet it’s easy to research products or services very thoroughly, comparing prices and product details in order to get the best deal.” But because of this there is more competition with retail stores so they’ll tend to lower the prices when they see that other retailers are selling the same item for a cheaper price. Especially since technology is increasing today retailers tend to send more coupons though people’s emails which tends to make people click on them to see what sale is going on and because we can use those coupons online there really is no point in shopping in stores.

Online shopping not only has made shopping easier but it also can be used internationally and we can also ship internationally something that we can’t do in retail stores. You no longer have to travel to places like Japan just for cute stationeries and snacks because with just one click you can buy the items from a store in Japan and have it shipped internationally for you. Not only does that save time but it also saves you the money of traveling to places just to buy something you want. Since there is international shipping that means that you can buy items in large quantities. In an article by The Odyssey it claims that, “If you need ten of one type of shirt for a group, you are almost always guaranteed enough, but this may not be the case at physical stores.” I find this very true because personally since I work at a retail I often see customers disappointed when they ask for a specific size but we don’t have it. In the end we usually help them order it online and ship that item to their address, but imagine if it’s already hard enough to find one size and someone wants more than one of the item. It’s almost impossible to find that many of one item inside a retail store.

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