Udaipur Tour — Perfect Shopping Places in Udaipur

Udaipur city is one of the best tourist destinations of Rajasthan state. This beautiful city is popular for its rich culture and vibrant lakes. It is also popular for its ancient miniature paintings and hand paintings which are from the Rajput and Mughal era. Most of the paintings represent the lifestyle of the kings and queens that are prepared in different colors. You can purchase the beautiful products like potteries, toys, handicrafts, wooden artifacts, antiques, home decorating items, clothes, jewelry, especially the local ones which are designed with glass and other craft work. There are also located many more items for decorating the home like handmade papers, terracotta sculptures, painted wooden boxes, Brassware and most of the people can purchase them in higher price if they are new in the city but the bargaining would useful them to buy them at the right price.

You can visit the best place for shopping with udaipur tour packages in this beautiful city, such as-

Hathi Pol-

It is also popular as one of the best shopping market in this city and most of the people can go for the best shopping here. In this lovely market, there are, you can purchase many other things apart from the paintings and handicrafts items. Hathi Pol is the best place where each person would love to watch the beautiful saree and lehanga shops. The market is located near the City Palace and any people can easily reach.

Bada Bazaar-

It is one of the best shopping place in this city and most of the people get the glance of colorful market over here. It is also popular as the main market of the city where you can get colorful lehangas, home decorating items, mojris and here most of the people can also purchase leather goods, camel leather objects, bags, handmade artifacts, wallets and many other things. This colorful market is situated near GhantaGhar.

Palace Road Market-

The Palace Road Market is one of the best shopping place in Udaipur and one cannot miss the palace road which is having the importance just after the Bada Bazaar, Udaipur. In this market, you can purchase several things like terracotta dolls, Brassware and structures and many more attractive things. There have many other objects which you must want to purchase them like Kundan jewelry, leather goods, antique items and handicrafts.

Chetak Circle Market-

The Chetak Circle is such a market where the travelers and tourists will have a several experience of Udaipur shopping and they can purchase for handicrafts, potteries, and it is one of the best market for purchasing small gift products for your family and friends. In this market, there are, you can also purchase the dancing puppets which are the prominent mark of Rajasthan. You can also purchase a wall decoration items and small gifts like pen stands, pots, painted wooden boxes, platescloth traditional lanterns, vessels, handmade papers and various types of containers which can be kept as a symbol of tour of Rajasthan.

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