Competition | Happy Feet

RoundGlass Eunoia 2017

We all have our favourite dance move. It may be the Gangnam Style or the Lungi Dance, the crazier the better. Its time to whip out those moves. Record a video of your favourite dance move, and share it with us on facebook

What do you Win?

Sennheiser HD 4.40-BT Bluetooth Headphones


  • Like our Facebook page, RoundGlass Peace
  • You must be between the ages 18 to 25
  • You must be a student in UG/PG college in India

How to Apply

  • Upload your entry on Facebook directly, tag @RoundGlass Peace
  • Use the hashtag #MyHappyFeet in the post
  • Make sure the post is for public view
  • Email the link to your facebook post to:
  • Use the hashtag #MyHappyFeet in the email subject line
  • Last Date: 15 Sept 2017

Winning Criteria (A mix of the two)

  • The number of likes and shares on your post
  • Judges and Jury decision

Want to win extra entry points?

Things to Remember

  • You can post as many entries as you want.

All the Best…

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