Destiny: A play of events

A long due update that I have been trying to write. In this story, I share how wonderful destiny has been for me.

I never used to believe in destiny. The idea that some supernatural power controls future events seemed almost foolish. But some events have made me question this and I have been able to resonate with the above quote more than ever. Here are some:


A week ago, I met my high school teacher, Ms. Ruchi Sahani, who taught me in Grade 9 and 10 at Mong Kok station, one of the busiest metro stations in Hong Kong. Even more surprising, she was standing next to me while waiting for the train. There are at least 15 doors to enter the train. She was here from India accompanying her students for a conference. The chances of this encounter are well below 0.1%. It was a pleasure meeting her after so long.


For two weeks, I have been hunting an apartment to move in and a few days ago, I went to see an apartment in the centre of Hong Kong. The agent had two more guys to view the apartment at the same time. Surprisingly, they were from New Delhi and pursuing their MBA here. Being from the same city, we connected quick. Although the apartment was a disappointment, Delhi #fam connected me to another person from whom I got my new home.


It was quite a leap of faith for me to come all the way from Vancouver to Hong Kong for my internship. There was a chance that I would have hated the work and would have spent quite some money and time to no fruit. Fortunately, this has been the best place I have worked so far. Working with startups to create value for a billion people within the supply chain whaaaat!? I could have never imagined I could learn so much in just 2 weeks.

These are just some examples that have strengthened my belief in destiny. I still believe that diligence is the the key to success and one’s actions influence, if not determine, one’s fate.

Be it going to UBC, starting Storally or travelling and living in places where I know no one , it has always been worth saying yes and giving it a shot.

I think amazing things happen when you can get excited about uncertainty. I encourage you to do so.

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