Hong Kong food adventures: A beginner’s guide

Photo by Josh Wilburne on Unsplash
Food is important. Very important. That is why I have been trying a lot of it since I got here! Needless to say my tastebuds have been having a party so far!

Here are some recommendations:

#1 School Food- Fusion Korean Food

School food is a Korean restaurant that you should definitely visit if you visit Hong Kong. They are famous for reinventing traditional Korean favorites and turning them into a next level unconventional delicacies. My favorite dish here is the beetroot and crab meat mari. The wait time can sometimes be annoying but it is worth the food!

Beetroot and crab meat Mari

#2 Sapporo Ramen Miso No.1- Japanese Food

I ended up at this restaurant while wandering in TST after work one fine day. Located in a dingy street, little did I know how well rated it is. Even though they are famous for their Ramen, I ordered chicken curry and drank 3 cups of tea while I waited for my food. Fortunately, it was scrumptious. Make sure you make a visit here when you are in Hong Kong!

Photo by Matthew Hamilton on Unsplash
Chicken Curry
Interesting fact: Pork is the most popular meat in traditional dishes, especially pork knuckle. I was curious to know why and after talking to some locals, I learned that because Hong Kong is so small in size and has historically not been the most affluent society, pork was easiest to raise. Beef requires vast grazing lands and chickens are also more expensive to raise. Although I avoid red meat, it was interesting to see an example of how history shapes culture.

#3 Sharmaji Indian Veggie Restaurant- North Indian food

There are times when I get homesick and miss home cooked food real bad. The name of the restaurant is the most Indian you can get and so is the food. The lady offered me free masala chai and for $70 HKD, you can get a wholesome meal and deep satisfaction. They also have all kinds of homemade traditional sweets. *Ladoooz*

#4 Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant- South Indian Food

Even though they serve North Indian food, I would recommend this place for South Indian delicacies. I had a classic Idli Sambhar and not just one plate but two. I was too busy enjoying the food that I missed taking a picture but I saw this warming poster! They also have rasam whaaat!?

#5 Beerliner — German Food

I feel very fortunate to have discovered this amazing place! Everything is 50% off if you leave before 8 pm and the food is worth every recommendation! My favorite dish here is the Smoked Salmon pizza! The crust in very thin and makes for an amazing combination with the beer!

Smoked Salmon Pizza

They actually have 1 litre glasses which I ordered thinking that it would be a pitcher. Well…

1 litre glasses

But good 1 litre german beer for $14 CAD, I can’t complain!

#6 Sen-Ryo- Sushi place

A little on the fancier side, this is a great place to enjoy quality sushi. The sushi comes on a conveyor belt and you can either pick the enticing ones or order from the menu. They also have a premium collection of their own and even though your wallet might feel a little light after eating here, it is worth an experience! I hope my buddy Hriday, a budding sushi connoisseur, would be able to review this place better!

Photo by Epicurrence on Unsplash

There are other places I have tried and haven’t been super happy but I think when it comes to food, it is always better to try rather than reading some reviews (unless all of them are super bad!). I put aside $500 HKD to spend on trying different cuisines. I think it’s a great way to experience new dishes and not be disappointed if your tastebuds reject it.

I look forward to more salivating experiences!

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