One, in a series of…

My last rant was called Ad’s Ad’s Ad’s, because it was all about ad’s, following that logic this one should be called Dick’s Dick’s Dick’s, but that would be crude.

Fucking cunts, on the internet, they see some fresh blood, passing (thouroughly accurate) comment on an established member of the “tech blogosphere”, which to you and me, is just a standard navel gazeing circle jerk, and the poor writer has to deal with a torrent of abuse suggesting sexual violence. This is fucking disgusting, this is fucking unacceptable, this needs to fucking stop.

It’s not a new phenomenon, we’ve seen this with certain dech blogs for years, the same fucking post repeated on every fucking site, every time one of them achieves something the others all chime in to reflect in the collective orgasm, and its repeating itself with podcasts. Hell, I listen to loads of em, all with the same fucking hosts mind you, we all know the adage, the family that prays together, stays together, the problem is, this one fucking sprays together as well, the wagons circle, the excuses spew forth and the groupies behave like attack dogs in their thousands.

The crime this time, was nothing more than suggesting that, obviously highly talented and succesful developer didn’t realise that whats good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander, that just because something works for you, in your unique situation, it might not work for others, in very different ones, sounds pretty logical to me. Obviously, as that was unarguable, yet still critical, every single sentence of the post was disected and any grammatical or factual error was attacked with the gusto of a school of piranha who skipped lunch, cunts.

I don’t need to go deeper, I don’t need to name names, if you are reading this you know all the players, i’m not calling out individuals, i’m calling out all of them, for the bunch of absolute cretins that they are, to hone their bullshit justification, get their friends to perpetuate it, and then, let their “fans” transition defense into dangerous offense, it makes me sick.

These fuckers don’t realise their influence, and the stupidity of the crowd, or at least they pretend not to as long as the pretty little ad and sponsored read money flows in. Fuck the lot of them, i’m tempted to unsubscribe from the podcasts (in the really good podcast app that I won’t be contributing to, the developer is a dick) or the RSS feeds from certain blogs that i’ve been reading for years, but I won’t, the last few weeks have got me so pissed off i’m determined to keep an ear on these fuckers.