You can’t be serious!
Joan Evans

I think it’s you that needs to get serious…

…and critically reexamine what you are proposing here. Do you actually think any politician in today’s system represents the best interests of their citizen constituents? The constituents of both parties are those who have bought the system, not the rest of us who can’t possibly afford to pay the price. The vast majority of America’s ruling political class are the sycophantic sock puppets of their masters, be they bankers, oiligarchs, tech billionaires, arms manufacturers, or the surveillance and incarceration industries — and on and on.

If you truly believe that scolding, degrading, and shaming those who have no power to change anything is going to result in an honest, caring, compassionate, and fair ruling political class you are the delusional one in this discussion. The Democratic Party, in which you seem to have so much faith, fattens itself at the public trough right along side the Republicans. Neither party gives a royal hoot about the wellbeing of you or me.

So go on, be the gullible fodder the Republicans love to cultivate as a lively opposition. Your indignation only strengthens those who will ultimately drain every last drop of value and strength from our nation and destroy the entire planet in the process.

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