I’ve worked at all levels in soccer, one thing that remains consistent throughout are the “small details”. Whether it’s coaching sessions, player feedback or team management…the “small details” count. The following three steps are key when addressing the “small details”:

  1. Be specific

“Good job” and “Well done” are two terms I often hear on the field when coaching or watching games. I’d encourage coaches, even players, to be more specific when offering feedback. A good example is “Good job, I like how fast you pressed the ball” and “Well done, nice firm pass”.

2. Be organized

Plan your season, plan your session and always have a plan b and plan c (be flexible). The players will recognize your organization and appreciate this attention to detail. They will respect how much you care about their development as a player and human.

3. Be a good communicator

If the players feel apart of the process they will work harder and deeper. Whether it’s young players, or older more experienced players, they will work harder and buy in. A good example is “If you press in this area of the field, where would you like to press the ball?”.

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